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    Topsun the webbing WD25-315 Specifications: Benefits: Webbing strap is made of high heavy polypro material Package includes 10 yards length webbing Color: black 1 inch wide and 0.05inch thick, 900-14300 lbs tensile strength You can connect the webbing with buckle to fasten luggage and more...
Zhejiang Topsun Logistic Control Co., Ltd as professional China Webbing Manufacturers and Webbing Factory, offers Wholesale Webbing for sale and provide one-to-one solutions in cargo control industry. Our products mainly include: tie down, slings, winches, hand puller, load binder, cargo bars, chains and other hardwares. And we strive to create higher value for society in the field of logistics transportation safety.

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Webbing Industry Knowledge Extension

Installation skills of car traction webbing
Pay attention to the following tips when installing the car traction webbing:
Determine the length of the webbing: When selecting the webbing, the appropriate length should be determined according to the weight of the towed vehicle and the towing distance, so as to ensure that the webbing will not be too tight or too loose.
Check the webbing: Before using the webbing, carefully check whether it is damaged, aged or worn to avoid safety problems during use.
Securing the webbing: When securing the webbing, make sure it is securely fastened to the tow point of the towed vehicle and that the hooks or securing devices are not loose or damaged.
Avoid webbing entanglement: During the traction process, the webbing should be avoided from being entangled with wheels or other items to avoid potential safety hazards.
Control speed and distance: During the towing process, attention should be paid to maintaining an appropriate speed and distance, and avoid rapid acceleration or braking to avoid excessive tension or sudden breakage of the webbing.
Pay attention to safety: During the trailer process, pay attention to the surrounding environment and traffic conditions, and obey the traffic rules to ensure safety.
In a word, when installing the car towing webbing, you need to pay attention to safety, choose the appropriate webbing and use it correctly to ensure that the towed vehicle is effectively towed and accidents are avoided.
Introduction of car traction webbing
Car towing webbing is a special type of towing webbing, usually made of high-strength fibers such as polyester or nylon, used to tow or tow vehicles on the road, and is often called a tow rope or tow rope.
The main function of the car towing webbing is to help to get stuck or tow a broken or damaged vehicle on the road. Its design structure is usually a flat or round strip with metal hooks or other fixing devices on both ends, which can be easily fixed on the vehicle.
The following points should be paid attention to when using the car traction webbing:
Choose the right traction webbing: According to the weight of the towed vehicle and the towing distance and other factors, select the appropriate strength and length of the car traction webbing to ensure safe and effective towing.
Secure the towing webbing: When using a car towing webbing, make sure it is securely attached to the vehicle being towed and avoid using damaged or aged webbing.
Pay attention to the safe distance: During the towing process, keep a safe distance and avoid rapid acceleration or braking to avoid excessive tension or sudden breakage of the webbing.
In a word, the car traction webbing is a convenient and practical tool that can help solve the problem of vehicle towing, but you must pay attention to safety when using it, choose the appropriate webbing and use it correctly.
How is car webbing made?
The production process of car webbing varies according to its use and material. The following is the general production process:
Material preparation: choose suitable materials, generally including fiber materials (such as polyester, nylon, etc.), reinforcement materials (such as steel wire, steel belt, etc.), filling materials (such as foam, etc.) and coating materials (such as rubber, plastic, etc.) .
Ribbon production: Send the selected materials to the ribbon machine for production, and adjust the width, density, strength and other parameters of the ribbon as needed.
Surface coating: Coating the webbing to improve its waterproof, anti-fouling, wear-resistant and other properties.
Post-processing: Carry out post-processing such as cutting, sewing, welding, etc. on the webbing, and add metal rings, hooks and other fixing devices as needed.
Quality inspection and packaging: Carry out quality inspection on the finished webbing, such as strength test, tensile test, etc., after passing the test, it will be packaged and sold on the market.
In short, the production of car webbing needs to go through many links, from material selection to finished product production, every detail needs to be carefully handled to ensure that the performance and quality of the webbing meet the requirements.