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  • Chain sling(Single leg)

    Chain sling(Single leg)

    Topsun the round slings uk Specifications: Benefits: System 7 Grade 70 chain was designed for cargo securement, binding, towing and construction use. Also called Transport Chain, it averages a 20% higher load rating than High Test chain (S-4). Induction heat treated, the chain meets all...
  • Roud Webbing Sling(Four legs)

    Roud Webbing Sling(Four legs)

    Topsun the lift all round slings Specifications: Benefits: These are the D.O.T. standard for all major transportation fleets in the United States and Canada. **Compare all chain before you buy, there is a difference and your loads safety depends on it! Product description: TOP SUN name has...
  • Round Webbing Sling(Three legs)

    Round Webbing Sling(Three legs)

    Topsun the round lifting slings Specifications: Benefits: BRAND NEW lot of 6 each Commercial Truck Tie down Chains. Grade 70/System 7 3/8" x 20' Long with Grade 70 Clevis Grab hook on both ends. Standard short link chain. This chain has the industry standard short links that fatigue...
  • Round Webbing Sling(Double legs)

    Round Webbing Sling(Double legs)

    Topsun the round sling Specifications: Benefits: 6400 lbs vertical load, 5,100 lbs choker hold, and 12,800 lbs basket hold Flexibility, Lightness, and Strength with a Versatile Type 4 Twisted Eye 2 Ply and Heavy Duty 900 Webbing Every Sling Has a Traceable Serial Number Product description: TOP...
  • Round Lifting Sling

    Round Lifting Sling

    Topsun the flat web sling Specifications: Benefits: KwikSafety High Quality Eye-Eye Slings are manufactured from lightweight and heavy duty materials that has been surface "treated" to improve abrasion resistance, seal out moisture, and prevent grit from penetrating the web and causing...
Zhejiang Topsun Logistic Control Co., Ltd as professional China Round Sling Manufacturers and Round Sling Factory, offers Wholesale Round Sling for sale and provide one-to-one solutions in cargo control industry. Our products mainly include: tie down, slings, winches, hand puller, load binder, cargo bars, chains and other hardwares. And we strive to create higher value for society in the field of logistics transportation safety.

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