Boat Winch BQC2500 Custom

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Material: steel + polyester
Uses: It is mainly used for parallel towing and moving items, especially for towing yachts and boats, but also for industrial and agricultural operations.
The product is divided into two types of connection: steel wire rope and webbing. It can also be supplied to customers without steel wire rope and webbing. The working load is from 800LBS to 2500LBS. According to the size of the working load and the operator's ability to exert force, the transmission device with a working load below 1760LBS is a single-stage gear transmission, and the transmission device with a working load above 1760LBS is a dual-stage gear transmission. The surface treatment is electroplated white zinc, and electroplated color zinc or black electrophoresis can also be performed according to customer requirements.

Model BQC2500
Material Steel
Working load limit 2500lbs/1100kg
Breaking strength 3375lbs/1650kg
Gear ratio 4:1/8:1
Way/Speed 2 Way/2 Speed
Cable size Dia. 5.6mm*10M
Surface treatment Zinc plating