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The Characteristics Of The Lifting Sling Section Hoisting In The Shipbuilding Industry

BY ADMIN | 15-07-2022

  Hull section hoisting means that the construction unit uses auxiliary equipment such as lifting equipment, lifting sling, welding machine, and other auxiliary equipment to hoist the large hull section to the designated position with the help of the site such as the existing slipway or dock facilities for docking with the existing positioning section. The process of assembling and welding them together into larger segments. The hull section hoisting is of great significance to the control of the ship's construction cycle.

  The research shows that the hull section hoisting operation mainly has the following characteristics:

  1. Objects to be lifted, such as parts, subsections, and even total sections, are often large in volume and mass, and the geometry of many objects to be lifted is extremely irregular, which increases the difficulty of lifting. It requires a lot of auxiliary equipment and the active cooperation of corresponding personnel to complete it successfully;

  2. The hoisting process is extremely complex and changeable. The hoisting work is mainly carried out according to the actual ship construction plan, which involves the cooperation of many equipment resources, human resources, and other aspects, and also directly affects the smooth development of subsequent work such as outfitting and painting. Therefore, it is necessary to coordinate the entire hoisting work. The smooth implementation of the plan ensures the smooth development of all aspects.

  The feasibility of the hoisting scheme has a certain impact on the safety, progress, and efficiency of the project. According to statistics, in the process of hull construction, accidents caused by hoisting problems account for about 90% of the total accident rate. Therefore, the correct and proficient use of hoisting technology and the rational and careful formulation of hoisting plans are not to be ignored in the hull construction process. key point.

  3. Intensive work in the hoisting area. Due to limited shipbuilding resources, it is necessary to reasonably balance the entire production and construction process, to improve the production efficiency of shipbuilding enterprises. Especially for the reasonable planning of the dock and slipway in the hoisting area of ​​the sub-section, it is more necessary to coordinate the boat winch to ensure the smooth development of various tasks.