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Preparation Work Before Lifting Sling

BY ADMIN | 08-07-2022

  The timely hoisting of the high tower equipment in the main device area of ​​the natural gas processing plant is the key to ensuring the follow-up projects and normal production. The hoisting of high tower equipment requires the use of large hoisting equipment, lifting sling, etc., which is a relatively complex system engineering.

  Let's take a look at the preparations before the lifting sling of the high tower equipment

  a) After the design of the hoisting plan is completed, it has been approved by the relevant departments, and all personnel participating in the hoisting operation shall make technical disclosures.

  b) Considering the limited working space on the construction site and the difficulty of hoisting, clear the obstacles on the hoisting site.

  c) Since the hoisting site needs to bear huge pressure, the hoisting site (especially the working position of the main crane) should be repeatedly compacted by machinery in advance, and finally the main body of the crane should be used for rolling. The leveling instrument should be used for processing; in addition, the steel plate (2000mm×6000mm×24mm) should be compacted in the walking area of ​​the crane crawler and the hoisting position.

  d) Before installation, verify whether the foundation inspection is qualified and whether the horns are placed in place. Check the equipment body, accessories, and bolt holes of the tower foot to ensure that there is no damage; check the orientation marks, the center of gravity marks, and hanging points of the equipment. If it meets the installation requirements, it shall be repaired.

  e) Before installation, the operator should be divided to ensure unified command and clear responsibilities and powers. Pre-job retraining and hoisting safety drills are carried out for operators in important positions. At the same time, ensure that various inspection procedures are completed, and the technical person in charge issues a hoisting order.