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Lifting Sling Suture Process Fracture Suture Skills

BY ADMIN | 23-09-2022

  The lifting sling webbing stitching process is skillful in stitching the fracture. The correct stitching method can not only make the synthetic fiber lifting sling beautiful but also improve its useability of the lifting sling.

  For example, the fracture of a flat lifting sling needs to be sutured horizontally when sutured, because this suture method can press the fractures at both ends of the webbing under the suture line so that the overall appearance of the line is more beautiful.

  If it is required for industrial lifting and hoisting, we need to use polyester industrial silk webbing as the preferred target, because the primary requirement of industrial products is the use of force, the second is to ensure the use of an industrial lifting sling, and the second is to beautify the appearance.

  Lifting sling suture process fracture suture skills

  Different lifting slings have different stitching techniques, the above is just the tip of the iceberg. Before using different lifting slings, we should understand the various lifting slings in detail and then decide to buy them to avoid losses due to lack of information.

  Whether you choose our products is no problem, we aim to share more small and medium lifting products, circular lifting slings, anti-fall devices, permanent magnet suction cups, g70 transport chains, tensioners, hoist, multi-function hoists, steel plate tongs, balancers, and other technical information, to help customers an in-depth understanding of the product.