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Introduce The Performance Characteristics Of Flat Tie Down

BY ADMIN | 02-06-2022

  A flat tie down provides a wide and smooth load-bearing appearance and is especially suitable for lifting objects with a soft appearance. It can also be used with a shield with wider lifting straps if necessary. Because there is no metal contact, there is minimal damage to the smoothness and paint finish appearance of the hoisted object. The performance characteristics of the flat sling:

  1. Usually flat chemical fiber slings are made of polyester, nylon, and polypropylene raw materials, and a variety of economical and suitable hoisting methods can be used on various occasions.

  2. Flat slings are mainly used for lifting high-value, very fragile, fragile, or fragile objects.

  3. The soft lifting belt will lock the object tightly to ensure that the surface of the lifted object will not be scratched or damaged, thus ensuring safety.

  4. It is recognized that it is light and portable, soft and flexible, easy to operate, simple and safe.

  5. Under a safe load, the elongation of nylon flat chemical fiber sling is 6-8%, and the elongation of polyester fiber is less than 3%.

  6. Since the chemical fiber sling is resistant to chemicals, rot, mildew, and moisture, it has a long service life.

  6. Polyester is usually used in acidic environments while nylon is used in alkaline environments. Polypropylene is highly resistant to acidity, alkalinity, and most chemical conditions.

  7. Various structures can be made, such as single-layer, and multi-layer, with sheath, cushion, and metal fittings.

  8. The surface of the lifting sling can be treated with PU according to customer requirements to improve the wear resistance and temperature resistance of the sling, thereby prolonging the service life of the sling.