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How To Operate The Lifting Sling Safely To Lift Objects

BY ADMIN | 05-08-2022

  Many customers have asked Cargo Equipment Factory how to use the lifting sling correctly. Some customers have already opened the sling and asked me if I can use it. Other customers asked me without thinking if I could use a 3-ton sling. It can lift 4 tons of objects, I will directly say no! Some customers asked me how to operate the sling correctly so as not to be hurt by the hanging objects. This article mainly explains how to safely use the lifting ring sling in our hands. After all, safe production is not a trivial matter. The irretrievable loss of property or even life.

  1. Before using the lifting sling, it should be placed correctly. The operator should tie the items with both hands safely and correctly and then hang them on the hoist. And let the place where the hoisting sling and the item are connected flatten, so that the sling can bear evenly in the width direction.

  2. The lifting sling should ensure that the items are under control when hoisting, and you can hold the hoisted object with both hands, that is, to prevent the item from rotating and to prevent the item from colliding, but keep your feet away from the hoisted object; instant or impact loading should be avoided. To avoid increasing the force of the lifting sling; the sling should be prevented from being cut, rubbed, and worn by the sharp edge of the item or the lifting device; the parts reinforced by the protective agent to protect the sharp edge and abrasion damage should be part of the sling and should be Arrange its position correctly; apply additional protection to the part if necessary. The lifting sling should not hang items for too long, so as not to affect the tension of the sling and cause secondary sling damage.

  The rear sling manufacturer reminds you that the colored slings you bought at home should be carefully protected during use, and must not be placed on outdoor rainy days or in harsh environments. If the hoisting sling is damaged or broken, please do not use it again. It is allowed to exceed the small rated range to avoid irreparable loss of life and property caused by negligent operation.