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How To Choose A Flat Lifting Sling?

BY ADMIN | 12-08-2022

Whether the selection of the flat lifting sling is correct directly affects the later use and operation problems, and the maximum workload of different lifting methods is different. When choosing a flat lifting sling, be sure to consider the size, weight, shape, and method of lifting. The maximum bearing tonnage is given and the working environment directly affects the choice. Pay attention to the elongation rate when selecting the length, and it is necessary to select an appropriate length that has sufficient capacity and can meet the usage method. If the belt hoists the load at the same time, the same type of sling needs to be selected, and the specifications cannot be different.

Compared with the soft lifting sling, the flat lifting sling has a slightly wider surface, and the flat lifting sling uses a 100% PES knitting machine. and thickness. After the webbing is woven, the coloring is uniformly arranged according to the tonnage width, and the high-temperature printing and dyeing machine is adjusted. Different widths of webbing have different requirements for the temperature of heating and coloring. The temperature of the same strap in the same machine directly affects the final color difference problem. Different tonnages of webbing will be marked with different colors. At present, the colors that can be expressed in China are purple, green, yellow, gray, red, brown, blue, orange, etc. The last step is sewing. Different tonnage slings have different sewing methods, and different production processes are directly related to the tension.