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Features Of The G70 Transport Chain

BY ADMIN | 01-07-2022

  A chain is a lifting appliance composed of chainrings. It is an indispensable and important picking device for the crane. It can adjust the length of the chain according to the lifting height of the lifting object, which can improve the working efficiency of the crane and expand the crane. The scope of work plays an important role.

  Among similar products, the chain product series is divided according to the basic structure of the chain, that is, according to the shape of the components, the parts and components that mesh with the chain, and the size ratio between the parts.

  Chains can be divided into two types: chip chains and welded chains. Chip chains are generally installed in equipment to transmit power. Welded chain is a kind of lifting sling, which is often used as a lifting sling. Most of the common parts of daily life are welding chains. The advantage of welding chains is that the welding chains are flexible and can directly use sprockets and drums with smaller diameters, which can effectively reduce the size of the mechanism.

  The hanging g70 transport chain has good space and a wide range of applications. It can make the work run continuously through the high temperature drying tunnel and harmful gas area and complete the production process that is difficult to operate manually, thereby improving the working conditions of workers and increasing the output and production of products. Quality and the product have the characteristics of low power consumption, low maintenance cost, durability, low noise, and easy operation. In addition, the g70 transport chain can be rotated freely in the horizontal and vertical planes according to the existing workshop. According to the needs of the process flow, through reasonable process line design, it can cross a long route, bypass obstacles, and transport the work to the predetermined route. Designate a location to achieve the production purpose of transporting workpieces, to match each single independent professional production link into an automatic assembly line, improve productivity and product quality, and strengthen the management level.