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Do You Know About The Characteristics Of The Boat Winch?

BY ADMIN | 19-08-2022

  A boat winch is a machine with a vertically installed winch, which can wind but not store ropes under a power drive. It also refers to a winch whose rotation axis is perpendicular to the deck. It is a self-protection and traction device for vehicles and ships. It can be used in snow. , swamps, deserts, beaches, muddy mountain roads, and other harsh environments for self-rescue and rescue, and under other conditions, it can perform operations such as clearing obstacles, hauling items, and installing facilities. It is an indispensable safety device for traffic, public security, border defense, fire fighting, and other outdoor sports. Mainly used for off-road vehicles, agricultural vehicles, ATV all-terrain vehicles, yachts, fire rescue vehicles, road wreckers, and other special vehicles, special vehicles.

  A boat winch is a hoist that rotates a vertically set reel by human or mechanical power and winds a flexible member (wire rope, chain, etc.) horizontally to complete the traction operation. There are two types of manual boat winch and electric boat winch. Except for the reel part, there is no principle difference from the ordinary hoist, and it is often used in handling work and ship docks.

  A boat winch is a type of winch. It is made by the principle of wheel and axle, and it is rotated by power or manpower. The boat winch is used to retract cables or anchor chains.

  Simply put, the internal working mechanism of the boat winch is: the electric power from the car first drives the motor, and then the motor drives the drum to rotate, the drum drives the drive shaft, and the drive shaft drives the planetary gear, thereby generating a strong torque. Then, the torque is transferred back to the drum, which drives the boat winch. There is a clutch between the motor and the reducer that can be switched on and off with a handle. The brake unit is inside the drum, and the drum locks automatically when the noose is taut.

  In practical application, some auxiliary items are indispensable when using the boat winch safely and smoothly, such as gloves, which can safely protect the hands. Additionally, to secure the boat winch to a tree, you will need a strap, a u-shaped lug, and a tight-line pulley. The straps are used to hold the fulcrum. The ideal length is 1.5m to 2m; the u-shaped lug connects the hook with the strap and boat winch. Therefore, several sizes of lifting lugs should be prepared; when using two or three wires, when changing the pulling direction, a tight wire pulley is required.

  Features of boat winch: 1. The traction force of the boat winch is determined in pounds, which can be converted into tons or kilograms by conversion. Objects that exceed the traction force of the boat winch should be drawn.

  2. The more circles the steel cable of the boat winch is wound on the reel, the smaller the pulling force of the outer circle. The boat winch with a long reel can reduce the number of winding turns to increase the traction of the outer ring. For the same boat winch, using a shorter steel cable will have more traction on the outer ring than a longer cable.