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Quick loading system

Items Specifications Items Specifications
Conveyor width 127mm (5") Space occupation 0 mm
Conveyor height 90mm (3.5") Lifting capacity 1500kg/m
Conveyor weight 12kg/m Operating air pressure 0.3MPa
Lifting height 10mm (0.4") Control box Weatherproof with centralized control, motor control module, remote control module--optional
Rollers 2" rollers, double rollers in row on each single track    

System advantages

  • High efficiency Quick loading & unloading, time & labor saving.
  • Strong bearing Heavy duty and high tensile steel top plate with reinforcingribs fend off forklifts. Galvanized finish prevents corrosion.
  • Hi space utilization Inserted into the floor without any space occupation
  • Easy to operate Modules design with centralized control, safe and reliable.
  • Alternative models Semi-automatic and fully automatic options at the request of customers.