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QKLOAD loading system

System advantages


QKLOAD loading system, use with all aluminum alloy frame and hydraulic carring vehicle for quick and efficient loading and unloading steel coils inside containe rtransportation.

This system can also be applied to loading and unloading various large professional equipment,Container transportation of heavy goods.


  • High efficiency Fast loading and unloading of goods, greatly reducing loading and unloading Time, reducing labor costs, efficient and fast.
  • Strong bearing The maximum loading capacity is 28 tons, which can reach the maximum container load.
  • Light duty The seat is made of high-strength aluminum alloy material, and the product is light in weight.It is 3-4 times lighter than a universal steel mount.
  • Easy to operate Modular design for easy on-site assembly, electric handling tanker Fast handling, saving time and effort.
  • High usage Modular design of seat frame, easy to recycle, than ordinary steel seat frame The recycling rate is 4-5 times higher.
  • Wide applicability Can be installed on any flat concrete or asphalt floor Unloading without the need for a professional loading and unloading platform.
Items Specifications
Rack length 5000mm (200")
Rack width 325mm(13")
Rack weight 300kg
Hydraulic crrying vehicle lfting force (max) ≥30T
Steel coil weight (max) Maximum loading capacity reaches 25 tons.